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Picture from joesmithfarms.com Fruits and vegetables are not cheap. Every time I find the limp celery that I planned on using the last stalks of for soup or the moldy peaches stuck in the back of my fruit and vegetable drawers I see dollar signs floating away.…

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A special shout out to Michael The Honeymoon Guy for teaching me the ways of Travel Hacking, in which you sign up for a bunch of travel credit cards to take advantage of the signup bonuses.  He wrote a post on his blog how he helped me figure out…


This money-saving, mouth-watering recipe was shared by http://www.chezlerevefrancais.com. Here is an excerpt from her delicious post: “Fish burgers? We’ve all done beef burgers and fish cakes so why not try a Thai fish burger?  These fish burgers are very low in fat, taste great and work well on the barbecue too. This is a quick and […]

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Are you a proud introvert? Lots of people enjoy spending time in their own company, but sometimes they can run out of things to do. If you can relate to this, don’t worry; here are 15 fun things you can do alone – and they are all…


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By Aaron Brewer See also http://www.handsonbanking.org for great, free curriculum guides for all ages. I recently struck up a conversation with somebody about how our kids have little appreciation for money. They don’t understand how hard it can be to come by. They don’t struggle for things…


I don’t even know where to start. I feel like giving up. Of course you’re scared. And mad. And lost. And ashamed. And overwhelmed. That’s how I felt too. $100,000 in debt. Trapped… Source: Step A. Start Here


Allow me to exude a little bravery and throw an idea out there that will either be a great success, or an epic fail. But before I share what my idea is, I feel I must be honest and divulge a few of my deepest thoughts with the blogging community. How to $tuff Your Pig […]


Over the course of my blogging year, I have received numerous emails requesting that I share my budget beauty routine. To tell you the truth, being a self-proclaimed personal finance nerd, I was a tad bit reluctant where I’m not all that interested in beauty, although I do like to keep up with my general […]


  Some people think Mother’s Day is just another holiday for the greeting card industry, and others feel it’s a perfect opportunity to show our mothers how much we care. After putting a lot of thought into this debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a little of both. I used to work in […]


It’s Already Been a Year! It’s hard to believe that How to $tuff Your Pig is already a year old! Where does the time go? Prior to starting this blog the only thing I wrote prior was some boring business letters for work. But even though I’m not an experienced writer (I’m a work in […]